Delivery Agents

A Delivery Agent may deliver an absentee ballot on behalf of a voter unable to return a ballot due to blindness or other disability.

“Delivery agent” is defined as follows:

  • Iowa registered voter

A delivery agent cannot be:

  • The voter’s employer or an agent of the employer
  • An officer or agent of the voter’s union
  • An actual or implied agent for a political party, candidate or committee

If a voter with a disability designates a delivery agent, the voter must complete and sign a designation form prescribed by the Secretary of State.

A delivery agent shall return no more than two absentee ballots per election.

The delivery agent shall fill out a receipt in a form prescribed by the Secretary of State and shall leave it with the voter.

The delivery agent shall collect the voter’s designation form at the same time as collecting the ballot, and shall deliver the ballot and designation form to the County Auditor at the same time.

The delivery agent must:

  • Deliver the ballot in person to the County Auditor, not by mail or drop box.
  • Provide to the County Auditor the same identification as a voter at the polls.
  • Provide the following on a form prescribed by the Secretary of State:
    • Full legal name
    • Residential address
    • Phone number
    • Email address, if applicable
  • Sign a statement (prescribed in the law) certifying under penalty of perjury that the delivery agent has complied with the law.