Election Central

Scott County Iowa election and voting resources.

About Elections:

  • Election Calendar
    Calendar of deadlines and events for various upcoming elections.
  • Candidate Resources
    Resources and links specifically for those running for local government office (county, city and school).
  • Candidate Listing
    Listing of candidates running for upcoming elections. Archived candidate lists also available.
  • Sample Ballots
    Sample ballots for upcoming elections. You can see exactly what your choices are when you go to vote. Archived sample ballots also available.
  • Election Returns
  • Election results for Scott County elections.
  • Elected Officials
    List of elected officials serving Scott County at school district, township, city, county, and state levels.

About Voting:

  • Voter Registration
    If you need to register to vote, this page has the form to fill out and mail in.
  • Your Ballot
    Correctly mark your ballot. Then, depending on the voting option you chose, submit your ballot.
  • Early Voting
    Vote early by absentee ballot or satellite location. If you would like to vote by mail before the election, you can request an absentee ballot. We have a link to the instructions from here.
  • Election Day
    Frequently asked questions and answers about Election Day, Absentee Ballots, and Polling Places.
  • Election Day Registration
    It's not too late to register and vote on election day.
  • Polling Places
  • List of Polling Place where you vote. There is one polling place for every precinct.
  • Precinct Finder
    If you don't know your precinct, use this feature to find it.
  • Precinct Maps
    Find maps of local precincts and link to state district site.
  • Voter Statistics
    Statistics prepared by the Auditor's Office.
  • Poll Workers
    People are needed to work at the polls. Find out more information about this.

Additional Resources: