Election Day FAQ

On Election Day...

  • Am I registered to vote on Election Day?
    If you are registered to vote, your name will appear on the list of registered voters at your polling place.
  • On Election Day, can I still vote if I forgot to register?
    Yes – same day registration is allowed. Any person that was not able to register to vote before Election Day may do so at the precinct in which they live. To register to vote on Election Day, you must:
    1. provide proof of identity (photo ID)
    2. provide proof of residency (your current address in the precinct)
    3. Sign an oath (attesting that the information you give is true)

    [ More about Election Day Registration ]

  • If I do not have identification can I still register and vote on Election Day?
    Yes – voters with no identification may establish identity and residence in the precinct by written oath of a person who is registered to vote in the precinct.
  • How do I find out where my polling place is located?
    You must contact your county auditor. Your county auditor has information regarding the location of your polling place. [ Use the Scott County Precinct Finder ]
  • I'm registered to vote, but I've moved from that address. What do I do on Election Day?
    If you've moved within Scott County go to the new polling location, change your address and vote. You will need to prove your residence in the new precinct. [ Use the Scott County Precinct Finder ]
    If you've moved within the last 10 days, you can go and vote in your precinct at your old address.

While at Your Polling Place...

  • I made a mistake on my ballot. Can I vote again?
    Yes. If you made an error while voting, let a poll worker know it. They can assist you in recasting your vote properly.
  • Can I ask a poll worker a question about the voting process if I am confused about how to use the equipment?
    Yes. Poll workers can help you at the site. If you can, before the election, contact your county auditor and ask for written instructions on how to use the equipment if you do not know how or feel less than confident in using it.
  • Can someone stand in the voting booth with me when I cast my vote?
    Yes. Your children may accompany you in the voting booth. Additionally, if you need assistance, two poll workers can assist you or anyone of your choosing.
  • What if I need assistance voting?
    Voters who are blind, cannot read, or because of any other physical ability are unable to mark their own ballots may have the assistance of any other person the voter chooses with the following exception: Federal law prohibits assistance by the voter's employer, employers agent, or an officer or agent of the voter's union.
  • How do I get to the polls to vote if I don't have a way to get there?
    Call the political party of your choice. They have volunteers to provide rides.
  • If it is physically difficult for me to get into my polling place, may I vote from my car?
    Yes. If you cannot get into the polling place because of a disability, two precinct workers will bring a ballot to your vehicle. They may also help you mark the ballot, but only if you ask. You don't have to tell anyone ahead of time that you will need to vote in your car. But, you may want to call ahead or bring someone with you to tell the precinct workers that you need to vote in your car.
  • Can I still vote if I am standing in line when the polls close?
    Yes. The poll workers must allow you the opportunity to vote if you are waiting in line at your correct polling location when the polls close.

About Early Voting by Mail (Absentee Ballots)...

  • I received an absentee ballot, but haven't returned it. Can I still vote at the polls?
    Yes, you can take your absentee ballot to the polling place and surrender it and then vote a regular ballot at your polling place.
  • I received an absentee ballot, but lost it. Can I still vote at the polls?
    Yes, go to your polling place and tell election officials you had received an absentee ballot, but lost it. You will be asked to vote a provisional ballot.
  • I have an absentee ballot, but I have not marked it. Do I throw it away and go to the

    Do not throw it away. Take your unmarked absentee ballot with you to the polls and surrender it. You will then be allowed to vote at the polls.
  • I've completed my absentee ballot. When does is have to be turned in?
    Your absentee ballot must be turned in at your county Auditor's Office before the polls close on Election Day.
  • I've completed my absentee ballot, can I take it to my polling place and drop it off?
    No, your completed absentee ballot must be delivered to the auditor's office before polls close on Election Day. If you prefer, you can surrender your absentee ballot and vote a regular ballot at your polling place on election day.
  • I've filled out my absentee ballot and put it in the mail. Since it won't get to the auditor's office today, can I vote at my polling place?
    If you are not certain your ballot will be received at the Auditor’s Office by 8 pm, you should head to the poll and vote a Provisional Ballot. Ballots received on time will counted and the Provisional will be discarded. A provisional ballot will count if the absentee ballot is not received by mail on time.

Adapted from Source: Iowa Secretary of State's Office