Regional Advisory Committee

The Region shall encourage stakeholder involvement by having a Regional Advisory Committee (Iowa Code 331.390(2)e; 331.392.(2)i; (Iowa Administrative Code 441-25.14.(1)i) to assist in developing and monitoring the plan, goals and objectives identified for the service system, and to serve as a public forum for other related MH/DS issues. A Regional Advisory Committee shall be appointed by the Governing Board including two (2) from each member county’s advisory committee and a Director of the Governing Board.

The committee shall include the Coordinators of Disability Services, formerly known as the Central Point of Coordination/CPC of each member county, as ex officio non-voting members.

The Governing Board may take action to create additional committees for various other purposes it deems appropriate. Members of any committee of the Region shall be appointed by the Governing Board.

Regional Advisory Committee Members appointed from Scott County's Advisory Committee:

  • Joe York, New Choices, Inc. Bettendorf, Iowa
  • Oscar Hawley, Bettendorf, Iowa

Regional Advisory Board Agenda and Minutes hosted by Clinton County