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Doctor and child. Catch problems early.

Healthcare providers, Care for Kids needs your help too!

Healthcare providers can improve quality indicators and help Care for Kids reach its goals by becoming a medical home for their patients.  A medical home provides a family with primary and regular care that includes health promotion, acute care, and chronic condition management, in a planned, coordinated, and family centered manner.  The medical home is the model for 21st century primary care.  If you would like to learn more about medical homes or learn how you can make your office a medical home, please visit the National Center for Medical Home Implementation at:

In order to measure the number of medical homes in the area as well as the effectiveness of Care for Kids services, it is important that healthcare offices bill services using EPSDT billing codes.  To learn more about EPSDT billing codes, please visit:  For information about EPSDT dental screening codes, please visit:

To make a referral to Care for Kids, please:

  • Use the Care for Kids Referral Form or request a Care for Kids referral form by fax or mail.  Please note that you may also refer families to Care for Kids to have a developmental and social emotional screen completed.
  • Complete and return the referral form.
    • Mail to: Scott County Administrative Center | Care for Kids | 600 W 4th St | Davenport, IA 52801
    • Fax to: 563-326-8774

Adolescent Mental Health Environmental Scan

We want local  providers to have access to an assessment that the Iowa Department of Health and Human Services and the University of Iowa completed, and to be aware of the findings related to youth mental health in our area. We invite you to review the summary report included.  The report describes the results of a study by the University of Iowa Prevention Research Center for Rural Health on adolescent well visits and adolescent mental health screening.  The study conducted county-specific environmental scans or surveys of child and adolescent health national performance measures (NPMs) and state performance measures (SPMs) targeting adolescent well visits and adolescent mental health.  The aim of collecting this data was to identify which health care providers offered adolescent well visits, what hours well visits were available and what age they offered by health care providers at the county level.

Adolescent Well Visits and Adolescent Mental Health Screening Environmental Scan-Summary Report 

We encourage you  to reach out and discuss any ideas and insights for improving well child visits and mental health for youth in Scott County.

Feel free to call SCHD's Care for Kids staff at 563-328-4114.