EMS - Emergency Medical Services Coordination

What types of services does the Scott County Health Department coordinate for the Emergency Medical Services?

The Scott County EMS Program is responsible for:

  • Inspecting and licensing all ambulance services operating in Scott County
  • Reviewing ambulance service activity reports
  • Investigating complaints about ambulance service
  • Assigning the areas that ambulances respond to calls

Visit the Scott County EMS Website

For more information, contact Scott County Health Department at (563) 326-8618.

For information on the local emergency medical services code:

EMS Study - 2014

The Scott County Board of Supervisors and Board of Health instructed the Public Health Officer to complete a comprehensive study of EMS within Scott County. SPC/TriData, a professional public safety consulting firm was hired to complete this study. The study started in August of 2013, and received Board of Health approval on March 27, 2014.

Read the full report on the EMS website