Bestsellers Club

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The Scott County Library’s Bestseller Club is available to our registered Scott County Library patrons. Patrons can choose from a list of popular authors to have holds automatically placed on new titles. When one of your favorite authors publishes a book, we will place the hold and notify you when the book is ready for pick up.

Selections include only new, previously unreleased fiction titles. Large print is available, but not for every release.

Click to Sign up Online. Forms are also available at your branch library.


Peace Talks, by Jim Butcher
When the Supernatural nations of the world meet up to negotiate an end to ongoing hostilities, Harry Dresden, Chicago's only professional wizard, joins the White Council's security team to make sure the talks stay civil. But can he succeed, when dark political manipulations threaten the very existence of Chicago--and all he holds [ Click Title for Full Article ]

Wrath of Poseidon, by Clive Cussler
Ten years ago, Sam and Remi Fargo were hunting for the treasure of Persian King Croesus. But they weren't the only ones. After running afoul of a criminal drug-running operation, their hopes of finding the treasure are dashed, but they did manage to send one of the key players to prison.
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Mary Higgins Clark and Clive Cussler both passed away early in 2020. Deceased authors are removed from the SCLS Bestsellers Club. If either writer's estate continues to publish, we will acquire those items for the library, but they will not be a part of the BSC.
You can add, remove, or change authors at any [ Click Title for Full Article ]

The Crow’s Call, by Wanda Brunstetter. Coming March, 2020.

When Vernon King, his son, and son-in-law are involved in a terrible accident, three women are left to cope with their deaths, as they become the sole providers of the family they have left. The women's only income must come from the family greenhouse, but someone seems to be trying to force them [ Click Title for Full Article ]

The Happy Camper, by Melody Carlson – (March 2020)

Dillon Michaels leaves her disappointing career and nonstarter love life behind to help her grieving and aging grandfather on his small Oregon farm. But, her eccentric mother beat her there and has taken over Dillon's old room. Dillon is ready to give up, until she receives an unlikely gift--her grandfather's [ Click Title for Full Article ]

Forever Hidden, by Tracie Peterson - (January 2020)

When her grandfather's health begins to decline, Havyn is determined to keep her family together. But everyone has secrets--including John, the hired stranger who recently arrived on their farm. To help out, Havyn starts singing at a local roadhouse--but dangerous eyes grow jealous as she and John grow [ Click Title for Full Article ]

Coconut Layer Cake Murder, by Joanne Fluke

When Hannah learns that her sister's boyfriend, Detective Lonnie Murphy, is the prime suspect in a murder case, she goes straight from a movie studio sound stage to the LA airport. Back in Minnesota, she discovers that Lonnie remembers only parts of the night. He went out to a local bar, drove a very [ Click Title for Full Article ]

House on Fire, by Joseph Finder
Nick Heller’s old army buddy has died of an overdose. Sean got addicted to opioids after returning home wounded from war. Then at Sean’s funeral, a stranger approaches Nick with a job, and maybe also a way for Nick to hold someone accountable. The daughter of a pharmaceutical kingpin worth billions wants to become a [ Click Title for Full Article ]

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Looks like our authors are giving us more time for family and friends around the holidays. There are only two new BSC books coming out in December!

Genesis, by Robin Cook
When the body of a twenty-eight-year-old social worker shows up on Chief New York City ME’s, it appears she was the victim of a tragic yet routine drug overdose. But things aren’t adding up. While [ Click Title for Full Article ]

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A Minute to Midnight, by David Baldacci
FBI Agent Atlee Pine’s life was never the same after her twin sister Mercy was kidnapped–and likely killed–thirty years ago. After a lifetime of torturous uncertainty, Atlee’s unresolved anger finally gets the better of her on the job, and she finds she has to deal with the demons of her past if she wants to [ Click Title for Full Article ]

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The Healing Jar, by Wanda Brunstetter. Coming August, 2019.
Lenore Lapp is an Amish schoolteacher in her late twenties still living at home with her parents and grandparents.  Resigned to living single, Lenore throws herself into caring for her elders. While working in her grandmother’s garden, she digs up an old jar. Will Lenore find healing for her broken [ Click Title for Full Article ]

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The Titanic Secret, by Clive Cussler
When Isaac Bell attempts to decipher the forbidding deaths of nine men, he encounters a secret so powerful it could dictate the fate of the world.

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The Bitterroots, by C.J. Box
Former sheriff’s investigator Cassie Dewell is trying to start her life over in private practice. She’s her own boss and answers to no one. All that certainty changes when an old friend calls in a favor: she wants Cassie to help exonerate a man accused of assaulting a young woman from an influential family. As Cassie attempts to uncover the [ Click Title for Full Article ]

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One Good Deed, by David Baldacci
Aloysius Archer, a straight-talking former World War II soldier is fresh out of prison for a crime he didn’t commit. In 1949, Archer arrives in the Southern town of Poca City when he meets a local business tycoon who promises Archer handsome compensation to work as his debt collector. When one the town’s residents dies, the [ Click Title for Full Article ]