Library Display Policy



It is the mission of the Scott County Library System to make available library materials and information in a variety of formats to people of all ages.  In keeping with the Library’s mission, there are areas available for posting information and displays.  Granting permission to use the display areas does not imply endorsement or approval of the viewpoints expressed in the artwork or exhibits.       


When bulletin boards are available at our locations, they are reserved for announcements of meetings and community events.  Space is not provided for commercial notices or advertisements for services and products.  Signs must be approved at our service desks before posting. Outdated information and signs posted without permission will be removed.


The Eldridge location provides a locked display case for exhibiting library or patron’s personal items.  The display case must be reserved and the exhibit approved in advance by calling the library. 


There are approximately twenty-two places, depending on the size of the pieces, available for displaying artwork at the Eldridge location. Art displays are scheduled and approved in advance by calling the Library.  All works must be framed and ready to hang with braided wire and screw eyes, and artists have the responsibility for setting up and removing the artwork. Each artist must have a master list with prices submitted to the Library.  In addition, artists are to provide a statement with the art displays and will need to sign a release to be kept on file at the Library. It is permissible to include pricing information, but employees of the Scott County Library System will not handle cash or check for purchases.  All sales must be handled between the artist and the customer.

The Scott County Library System will not be held liable in the event of loss or damage of any materials that are displayed on Library property.  The Library reserves the right to move display materials when necessary and to reject display ideas that don’t support our mission and role in the community. 


                                                                                               Approved by the Board of Trustees

September 2014