Library Display Policy



It is the mission of the Scott County Library System to make available library materials and information in a variety of formats to people of all ages.  In keeping with the Library’s mission, there are areas available for posting information and displays. The Library subscribes to the general principles embodied in the American Library Association’s Library Bill of Rights, and does not exclude materials based on the origin, background, or views of those contributing to their creation. However, materials presented must be deemed suitable for display in a public library used by all ages, and the Library reserves the right to refuse a display that it considers illegal or inappropriate for the setting. Granting permission to use the display areas does not imply endorsement or approval of the viewpoints expressed in the artwork or exhibits.

The Scott County Library System cannot assume liability for lost, stolen, or damaged items, and display areas may not be staffed or monitored. Exhibitors will be required to sign a liability release prior to the display. Insurance covering the value of the display is the responsibility of the exhibitor. Irreplaceable items or items of great value should not be included in a display.

Exhibitor agrees to follow all library policies and applicable rules or guidelines. Exhibit space is not provided to advertise or promote a commercial enterprise. No prices may be posted. The Library will not serve as an agent for the sale of display items or handle any monetary transactions. This policy does not prevent the display and sale of items by the Library or its affiliated groups. The exhibitor is responsible for any marketing of their display, although the Library may also choose to promote displays in its newsletters, on social media, or via other media.

Displays and exhibits shall be installed and removed promptly as scheduled with the Library and according to provided guidelines. Exhibits not installed promptly may be re-scheduled at the discretion of the Library. No substances may be used that would damage walls or surfaces, and exhibitors will be billed for any damage caused. Exhibits not removed by the specified date may be removed by library staff. The Library does not take responsibility for loss or damage caused by such removal, and does not agree to provide storage for any items removed beyond a period of 30 days from the specified removal date. After that time, display items will be deemed a gift to the Library.


The Eldridge location provides a locked display case for exhibiting smaller objects and collections. The display case must be reserved and the exhibit approved in advance by library staff.


The Eldridge location has prescribed places on the wall and in display areas for works of art. Art displays are approved and scheduled in advance in conjunction with the Library’s art consultants.


When bulletin boards are available at our locations, they are reserved for announcements of meetings and community events.  Space is not provided for commercial notices or advertisements for services and products.  Signs must be approved at our service desks before posting. Outdated information and signs posted without permission will be removed.


                                                                                                Approved by the Board of Trustees


September 2014


Revised July 2021