Interlibrary Loan Policy



Interlibrary Loan (ILL) in this case refers to the transfer of materials between SCLS and non-RiverShare libraries. Interlibrary Loan within RiverShare is governed by the RiverShare Circulation policy.


SCLS will follow the Interlibrary Loan Code for the United States set up by the References and User Services Association (RUSA) of the American Library Association (ALA) and SCLS circulation policy when requesting items.

ILL is a service for Scott County Library System patrons only. Patrons with Open Access cards or other RiverShare cards will be sent to their home libraries to request items via ILL.

Patrons with one or more overdue ILL items will not be able to request another item through ILL until the overdue item is returned.

Patrons blocked from RiverShare circulation by more than $5 in fines or more than 5 overdue items will not be allowed to request any ILL items until the blocks are resolved. SCLS reference staff are responsible for checking the currency of a patron’s account before requesting an ILL.

If an item has been released between six months ago and the request date, no attempt will be made to ILL. A purchase request may be filled out and given to the appropriate selector.

Patrons may not request the same title via ILL in the same calendar year. Patrons may not request extra copies of titles already available in RiverShare; they must get in the RiverShare holds queue. Patrons may borrow 6 free ILL items per year per card, and after that, a charge of $3.00 per item will be added to a patron’s library card.

Items received via ILL may only be picked up at an SCLS branch (including the Bookmobile). They will not be loaned to patrons through another RiverShare library.

Patrons will receive a loan period of 3 weeks; renewals are subject to the supplying library’s discretion. If a patron fails to pick up an ILL request, a second effort will be made to contact them. If they still fail to pick it up, regardless of delivery system, a $2 processing fee will be added to their RiverShare account.

SCLS will not pay loan charges levied by other libraries. Every attempt will be made to request from libraries who do not charge for ILL requests. Charges for copied articles and chapters may be passed on to the SCLS patron if SCLS prints an electronic copy.

SCLS will pay the cost to return ILL items via library mail, but every effort will be made to request from libraries within the ILDS and KCLMIN delivery systems. Requests will not be made outside the U.S.


Returns will be packaged according to the request of the supplying library.

SCLS will assume responsibility for the cost of any item supplied by another library through ILL, whether it is lost in-transit or never returned by our patrons. Patron accounts will be charged for the cost of a lost ILL item checked out to them when the bill is received from the supplying library. 


SCLS will lend items of all formats except videogames.

Items in Iowa Special Collections with a SPECIAL IOWA call number will not be lent, although a circulating copy of the same item can be sent.

SCLS will not lend items with a date sticker on the back that is between twelve months ago and the request date.

SCLS will not lend items that cost less than $10.00.

Items will be sent to a borrowing library checked out for a period of five weeks. Renewals will be accommodated unless a RiverShare patron has placed a request.

SCLS will contact the borrowing library at the second overdue notice around two weeks after the due date. If the library indicates that the item has not been received or is not coming back, a bill will be sent.





Approved by the Board of Trustees

January 2015

Revised January 2016