Community Education

We’ll Come to You

The Tobacco-Free QC is committed to reducing the impact of tobacco use in the Quad City area. To reduce the impact, the members recognize the importance of educating community members in the different areas of tobacco and tobacco use. To educate individuals, we have created a speakers bureau. The speakers bureau will provide a coalition member to attend any gathering that you believe would benefit from the message we have to share. The following are the topics that we are prepared to speak about:

Tobacco-Free Quad City in our Community: Receive information about the Tobacco-Free QC Coalition and the activities that they are promoting in the Quad City area.

Tobacco-Free Living for Teens: Learn what it is like to be a teen bombarded by the messages from the tobacco industry, peers, and other sources.

Parenting for Smoking Prevention: Learn what you can do as a parent to keep youth away from tobacco use.

Smoking Cessation: You will have the opportunity to hear what to expect when you quit. Hints to quitting will be shared as well.

What You Should Know About Secondhand Smoke: Learn the dangers of secondhand smoke and why non-smokers should be concerned as well. 

Pregnancy and Smoking: Learn that when an expectant mother smokes, so does the unborn child. Learn the potential side effects of smoking while pregnant as well.

Effects of Advertising: This presentation is for the youth. Learn how the tobacco industry places messages in front of you despite the laws that eliminate television commercials and billboard advertising.

  • If you are interested in scheduling a presentation, you call
    Tobacco-Free QC Project Coordinator
    (563) 326-8618