Smoke-Free Homes & Cars

Cartoon images of a sofa chair next to table and lamp with home accoutrements. Text reading "Smoke-Free Home".

The effects of secondhand smoke, or the mixture of the smoke from the burning end of cigarettes, pipes, and cigars and the smoke breathed out by smokers, can be very harmful to those who breathe it.

Although indoor smoking bans passed in Iowa and Illinois protect children and families from exposure to secondhand smoke in nearly all public places, smoking is still currently not regulated in homes and cars. However, children and families are most often exposed to secondhand smoke in these areas.

The Tobacco-Free QC has begun a campaign to educate the public about smoking in the home and car in an effort to encourage individuals and families to protect themselves by making their homes and their cars smoke-free. To spread the message about the dangers of secondhand smoke in homes and cars, the TFQC designed a Smoke-Free Homes and Smoke-Free Cars fact sheet that has been distributed to individuals and families to educate them on ways to keep their homes and cars smoke-free.

The TFQC has implemented a Smoke-Free Homes and Cars Pledge Campaign to encourage individuals and families to voluntarily pledge to protect their family and friends from the health risks of secondhand smoke. They are encouraged to do this by making their home and/or car smoke-free. 

Click on the attachments below to download a copy of the fact sheet and pledges.