Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I find information about income tax deductions for motor vehicles?

Information regarding state income tax deductions for motor vehicles can be found at the Iowa Department of Revenue and Finance at

For more information, please consult your tax advisor or email the Department of Revenue and Finance at [email protected].

Why doesn't my mortgage company show on my tax statement as making my payment?

The Treasurer does not track what mortgage company is responsible for paying your property taxes. If you have not changed mortgage companies, you do not have to make any further contact with our office or your mortgage company.

If you have a new mortgage company that is responsible for paying your property taxes, you are responsible to contact the mortgage company giving them your parcel number and amount owing.

We will continue to record who has paid your taxes whether it is the mortgage company or you.

What do I need if I lease a vehicle?

Contact the treasurer’s office at (563) 326-8664 for specific documentation necessary.

Who do I make the check payable?

For vehicle registration, titles or property tax - Scott County Treasurer.

How do I go to get a refund on my plates when I moved out of state?

After you register your vehicle in the other state, return the plates, sign a claim for refund and send a copy of your new registration to the county treasurer's office to process the claim for refund on the unused portion of the registration fee.  You may download the claim for refund form #411047 at