Test Sirens Did Not Sound as Expected



February 7, 2023

Today, February 7, 2023, during our normal monthly siren test, Scott Emergency Communications Center tested a new system for triggering outdoor warning sirens in Scott County. Sirens in three communities did not sound as expected during the test. Technicians immediately worked to troubleshoot.

We attempted to sound those sirens multiple times and eventually sounded the sirens using the old system, which remains in service. If you live in the communities of Eldridge, Long Grove, Maysville, Park View, Donahue and Dixon, you may not have heard sirens at the usual 10:00 am time, and you may have heard them more than once between 10:00 – noon as we conducted additional testing.

We apologize for any inconvenience our testing may have caused. Despite the technical difficulty we experienced today, the outdoor warning sirens in all Scott County communities stand ready to sound, should an emergency warrant their use. Questions or concerns may be directed to [email protected].

February 7, 2023