SECC Technical Advisory Committee

About the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC)

The Technical Advisory Committee shall:

  • Provide guidance and advice to the Board of Directors and SECC Director. 
  • Consist of the Davenport Police Chief, the Davenport Fire Chief, the Bettendorf Police Chief, the Bettendorf Fire Chief, the Scott County Sheriff, a MEDIC EMS representative, the Scott County EMS-Physicians Advisory Board Medical Director, an outlying police agency representative, a volunteer fire department representative, and a volunteer ambulance representative or their designees.
  • Assist the SECC Director in developing the SOP. The SOP shall contain the standard operating procedures of the SECC and govern its conduct. If a conflict exists between the SOP and any federal, state or local law, bylaw or collective bargaining agreement the latter shall govern.
  • Utilize the expertise of all the members’ IT Directors, County GIS Coordinator, and Public Works/Secondary Roads Directors along with other community stakeholders in developing any SOP or purchases that affect their operations or in which they may provide professional guidance.

TAC Board Members

Chair and Co-Chair: 

  • Chair: Chief Mike Carlsten, Davenport FD 
  • Vice Chair: Sergeant Ryan Gale, Eldridge PD 


  • Chief Troy Said, Bettendorf FD
  • Chief Keith Kimball, Bettendorf PD
  • Chief Jeff Bladel, Davenport PD
  • Sheriff Tim Lane, Scott County Sheriff
  • Paul Andorf, Medic EMS of Scott County Director 
  • Dr. Richard Vermeer, Scott County Physicians Advisory Board Medical Director
  • Roger Kean, Scott County Conservation Director
  • Chief Shane Bleeker, LeClaire FD
  • Rural EMS Representative - Vacant