Scott County Cemetery Search Search Tips and FAQ

Thirty-nine cemeteries and burial sites in rural Scott County are indexed and can be searched by name, date, cemetery or military service.

Use the dropdown menus and navigation buttons to aid you. Results are sortable by a variety of factors. Check out our Quick Search Tips Video for more information.

Scott County Cemetery Search FAQ

How did you choose what cemeteries to index?

In the 1970s and 1980s a few enterprising Davenport women set out to preserve Scott County History by creating a comprehensive index to the rural cemeteries in Scott County. Originally published in two volumes by the Scott County Iowa Genealogical Society, the Scott County Cemetery printed volumes were only available for In Library use and were starting to show the wear of years. We input the hard work of the original transcribers so it is now available in an online database.

What about people buried in these cemeteries after the 1980s?

It is our hope to liaise with cemetery associations and churches to get the records from the 1980s to the current day and either input them in the index or make them available in some other way. We are in the very beginning stages of making inquiries, so it could be several years before the data becomes available.

What about other cemeteries in Davenport, Bettendorf and LeClaire that were not part of the original index?

Depending on demand and resources available to us, we would love to expand the project down the road. At the moment though, no concrete plans are in place for this to happen.

Are there other resources I can use to research my ancestors?

Yes! The Scott County Library System subscribes to several genealogy databases accessible with your library card.

Davenport Public Library’s Richardson-Sloane Special Collections Center is also a wonderful resource for local history and genealogy. Call 563-326-7902 or visit