Freegal Help

Freegal Help

If you get stuck downloading library e-resources, please contact the Information Desk at the Eldridge Library at 563-285-4794 ext. 2224

Using Freegal is easy.  Once you select Download Now, the song will be downloaded to your device or computer.  Be careful when selecting songs–if you click on the wrong song to download, it still counts against your downloads for the week.

Freegal Music now allows users to stream up to 5 hours of music a day.  Simply create a playlist on the website or in the app.  No downloading required!

Due to the nature of this service, Freegal Music will not work on Library computers.  Please use your own computer or personal device to access this service.

What do I need to use Freegal Music Services:

  1. A valid Scott County Library card
  2. Internet access

How to use Freegal Music on your iPad, iPhone, and Android tablets & smartphones

Step 1: Download Freegal Music App

  1. Go to App Store or Google Play
  2. Search for Freegal Music
  3. Click on Install

Step 2: Finding a song

  1. Open Freegal Music App
  2. Type your zip code and click Go
  3. Choose Scott County Library
  4. Type in your Library card number and PIN (the last 4 digits of your phone #)
  5. Click Login
  6. Agreeto Terms
  7. Search or browse to find a song

Step 3: Downloading a Song

  1. Find a song you want
  2. Click on the Download arrow
  3. Wait for the song to download

Step 4: Playing Downloaded songs

  1. Open Freegal Music App
  2. Click on My Music
  3. Click on the play button

Optional: Creating Playlists

  1. Open Freegal Music App
  2. Click on Playlists
  3. Create New Playlist
  4. Name the new playlist
  5. Click on Ok
  6. Choose songs to add to the playlist
  7. Click Done


How to use Freegal Music on your personal computer and transfer music to your MP3 player or iPod

Step 1: Login to Freegal

  1. Click on the Freegal icon
  2. Enter your Scott County Library card number
  3. Enter your PIN
  4. Click Login

Step 2: Downloading a song

  1. Use the search box for a specific song or browse
  2. Find a song you want
  3. Click Download Now
  4. Click on Saveto save the song to your computer
  • Save downloaded songs to the desktop or a Music folder for easy finding

Step 3: Transfer to an MP3 player

  1. Plug your MP3 player to your computer
  2. Open Windows Media Player
  3. If the device is recognized, sync your device
  4. Safely unplug the device from your computer.

Step 3: Transfer to an iPod

  1. Plug your iPod into your computer
  2. Open iTunes if it doesn’t open automatically
  3. Click on the box in the upper left corner of iTunes
  4. Choose Add File to Library
  5. Find where the songs are saved
  6. Choose song or songs
  7. Click Open

Sync your iPod