New Releases - February 2022

Caramel Pecan Roll Murder, by Joanne Fluke
Embracing an escape from her usual routine at The Cookie Jar, Hannah gets asked to help at the local inn for a fishing competition. But the fun stops when she spots a runway boat on the water and, on board, the lifeless body of the event's renowned celebrity spokesperson...
TV show host Sonny Bowman wasn't humble about his ability to reel in catches, and no one knew that better than his sidekick, Joey. Did Joey finally take revenge on his boss-or was Sonny killed by a contestant?
With goodies to bake and fresh challenges in her personal life, it's either sink or swim to catch a clever culprit before another victim goes belly up...

Nothing to Lose, by J. A. Jance
Years ago, when he was a homicide detective with the Seattle PD, J. P. Beaumont's partner, Sue Danielson, was murdered. Danielson's ex-husband came after her in her home and, with nowhere else to turn, Jared, Sue's teenage son, called Beau for help. As Beau rushed to the scene, he urged Jared to grab his brother and flee the house. In the end, Beaumont's plea and Jared's quick action saved the two boys from their father's murderous rage.
Now, almost twenty years later, Jared reappears in Beau's life seeking his help once again--his brother Chris is missing. Still haunted by the events of that night, Beau doesn't hesitate to take on the case. Following a lead, he encounters a web of family secrets in which a killer with nothing to lose is waiting to take another life.

City of the Dead, by Jonathan Kellerman
Two movers are heading back into Los Angeles when they hit a naked man who appears out of nowhere. Detective Milo Sturgis is called to the scene and senses immediately that something is amiss. As the denizens of this neighborhood begin to congregate, Milo realizes there's no way to identify this body. There's no ID. The victim could be anybody.
That’s when Milo calls upon psychologist Alex Delaware. According to a man down the block, the naked victim could have come from her house- a woman who has men coming in and out at all hours. What the duo sees will make things take another turn: It's a scene of horror. She is lying on the kitchen floor; there is blood everywhere. And when they get a closer look, Alex realizes he knows this woman. She's a fellow psychologist. When traces of DNA found underneath her fingernails point to a man who is not the first victim, the detection really begins. . .

Gwendy’s Final Task, by Stephen King
The final book in the Gwendy's Button Box trilogy.
When Gwendy Peterson was twelve, a stranger gave her a box for safekeeping. It offered treats, but it was dangerous. Pushing any of its buttons promised death and destruction. Years later, the button box entered Gwendy's life again. A successful novelist and a rising political star, she was once again forced to deal with the box. Now, evil forces seek to possess the button box and it is up to Peterson to keep it from them at all costs. But where can you hide something from such powerful entities?

Steal, by James Patterson
Imagine everyone's surprise when Carter von Oehson, a sophomore in Dr. Dylan Reinhart's class, posts that he plans to kill himself. 24 hours later and still no one has seen him.
A massive search ensues. But when Carter's sailboat rolls in with the tide without him or anyone else on it, the worst seems to be confirmed.
The one person convinced he's still alive is his father, Mathias von Oehson, founder of the world's largest hedge fund. But what Mathias knows and how he knows it would  reveal a secret so damaging that it would be as if he were committing suicide himself. There's no way he can go to the police.
Dylan now finds himself wrapped up in secrets and danger and it's going to take every bit of his wit, and the NYPD Detective, Elizabeth Needham, to stay ahead of both his enemy and his employer.

The Lady’s Mine, by Francine Rivers
When Kathryn Walsh arrives in the mining town of Calvada, falling in love is the farthest thing from her mind. She has come to claim an inheritance: a defunct newspaper office. Moved by the oppression of the miners and their families, Kathryn decides to relaunch the newspaper--and finds herself pitted against Calvada's most powerful men. But Kathryn intends to continue to say--and publish--whatever she pleases.
Matthias Beck, owner of a local saloon and hotel, has an interest in the new lady. While Kathryn may be right about Calvada's problems, her righteousness could also get her killed. But when he keeps finding himself on the same side as Miss Walsh, Matthias's search for purpose becomes about answering the call of his heart.
Everyone may be looking to strike it rich in this lawless 1875 boomtown, but it's a love more precious than gold.

Abandoned in Death, by J. D. Robb
The woman's body was found in a playground. She was clean, her hair arranged, her makeup applied. But other things were wrong--like the tattoo and piercings, clearly new. The clothes, decades out of date. And the note: Bad Mommy, written in crayon as if by a child.
Eve Dallas turns to the  top profiler, who confirms: They're dealing with a killer whose childhood involved trauma. Yet the clues suggest a perpetrator who'd be sixty years old, and there are no records of crimes with a similar MO. What was the trigger that reopened such a wound and sent someone over the edge?
When Eve discovers that other young women--who resemble the first victim--have vanished, the clock starts ticking louder. But to solve this case she will need to find her way into the depths of a shattered mind.