New Releases - January 2023

The Exiles by Jane Harper
Federal Investigator Aaron Falk is on his way to Australia. But mystery follows him on vacation.
This marks the anniversary of Kim Gillespie's disappearance. One year ago Kim tucked her baby into her stroller, then vanished into a crowd. When Kim's older daughter makes a plea for anyone with information to come forward, Falk can't leave the case alone.
As Falk soaks up life, he is welcomed by Kim's friends and loved ones. But the group may be more fractured than it seems and questions linger as truths begin to emerge. What would make a mother abandon her child? What happened to Kim Gillespie? 

The House at the End of the World by Dean Koontz
In retreat from loss and injustice, Katie lives alone on Jacob's Ladder island. The neighboring island houses a secret: a government research facility. And now agents have arrived on Jacob's Ladder in search of someone--or something--they refuse to identify. Although an air of menace hangs over these men, a greater threat has arrived.
Katie finds herself in a battle with a mysterious enemy. But Katie's not alone after all: a girl appears out of the squall. As Katie and her companion struggle, against them is a terror that could bring about the end of the world

Sleep No More by Jayne Krentz
Pallas, Talia, and Amelia were strangers until an earthquake and fire destroyed the hotel they were staying at, but the women have no memory of their time there. Now friends, they host a podcast called the Lost Night Files, where they investigate cold cases and hope to connect with others who may have had a similar experience that have enhanced the psychic abilities present in each woman.
 After receiving a tip for their podcast, Pallas explores an abandoned asylum. She’s shaken by the dark energy she feels and is stopped by a dark figure--who turns out to be the tipster.
Ambrose is certain he's a witness to a murder, but everyone thinks he's having delusions. Unable to find proof on his own, he approaches Pallas for help. Pallas and Ambrose investigate, and while the townsfolk are eager to share what they know, there are others who are not so happy about their questions--and someone is willing to kill to keep the truth from coming out.

Countdown by James Patterson
5 days to save the world, 4 days to save her family, 3 hours to find the world's most dangerous double agent.
Agent Amy Cornwall excels at working from the shadows--until a botched field operation reveals dealings between her bosses and an informant. And a hidden plot by a terrorist that could kill thousands of Americans.
She has to go dark. The Division wants to erase her. And they know every detail about her.
Agent Cornwall's countdown has begun.

Without a Trace by Danielle Steel
Charles seems to have it all-- wife, children, career. Yet happiness remains out of reach. He is trapped in a loveless marriage and his job is a paycheck. But his life changes forever one night as Charles falls asleep at the wheel and veers off the road, plunging thirty feet down the face of a cliff.
Miraculously, Charles survives. That night, he happens upon a cabin where he meets Aude. They have an instant connection, and as she nurses him back to health.
Charles has a realization: He doesn't have to go back. But Aude has secrets of her own, and before long their pasts catch up to them.
What would happen if you were given a chance to walk away from everything in your life and start over with a blank slate?