New Releases - March 2023

I Will Find You by Harlan Coben
David Burroughs was devoted to his three-year-old son Matthew, living a dream --until one night when David woke to discover Matthew had been murdered. 
Half a decade later, David's been left to serve out his time in prison. Then his sister makes an appearance bearing a photograph of a shot of an amusement park, and in the background is a boy bearing a resemblance to David's son. David just knows: Matthew is still alive.
David plans an escape: determined to save his son, clear his name, and discover what happened. But with his life on the line and the FBI following him, can David evade capture long enough to reveal the truth?

Letters of Truth by Wanda Brunstetter
Life is good on their Amish farm for newlyweds Vic and Eleanor Lapp--until the day Vic's brother drowns and Vic turns to alcohol to numb the pain. Things get so bad that Vic loses his job and their marriage is coming apart. Eleanor is desperate to help her husband and writes letters to her friend for advice. The trust Eleanor places in her friend and the words she receives in return are a balm for even darker days to come.

Second Time Around by Melody Carlson
When Mallory inherits a run-down shop, it seems the only thing to do is to sell it. But when her crush, Grayson, wants to buy the property, Mallory decides to renovate it herself.
With hard work and a little help, Mallory makes progress in turning the store into a home décor shop-- while trying to ignore the decrepit apartment she's living in on the second floor.
She's tempted to abandon her dreams and the town. But perhaps there's more to Grayson than meets the eye? 

Her Deadly Game by Robert Dugoni
Keera Duggan was building a reputation as a prosecutor until her relationship with a colleague ended badly. Returning to her family's failing law firm is the best shot she has and she hopes to restore the family's reputation and her career.
Keera's chance comes when she's retained by Vince LaRussa. There's little evidence against him, but LaRussa faces life in prison. The prosecutor is Miller, Keera's former lover, who's eager to destroy her in court.
As Keera and her team follow the evidence, they uncover more than they bargained for. Keera must decide between her duty to her client, her family's legacy, and her own future. 

Smolder by Laurell K. Hamilton
Anita is engaged to Jean-Claude, the new vampire king of America. In the midst of wedding preparations, Anita gets a call that the police need her expertise at a brutal murder scene linked to a nationwide slaughter of vampires and humans.
But there is more than just a murderer to catch: an ancient evil has arrived to challenge Jean-Claude for his crown, his life, and all they hold dear. Evil will triumph unless Jean-Claude and Anita can prove that love conquers all. 

Collateral Damage by J. A. Jance
After years behind bars, Frank Muñoz is out and focused on just one thing: revenge. The wife who abandoned him; the mistress who ratted him out; the detectives who presided over his case --Frank has placed targets on each of their backs.
For Ali Reynolds, Christmas without her father is full of grief. And with her husband, the founder of High Noon Enterprises, B., preoccupied, she is ready for a break. But when she receives news about an accident involving the car in which B. was riding, things take a turn for the worse.
At the hospital, B. insists that Ali take his place at a conference, as trouble around High Noon comes to light. In a race against time, Ali must assemble the pieces of a puzzle before she and the people she loves become collateral damage.

The Sister Effect by Susan Mallery
Finley McGowan is determined that the niece she's raising will always feel loved. Unlike how she felt after her mom left, and when her grandfather abandoned her and her sister, Sloane. Finley reacted to her chaotic childhood by walking the straight and narrow.
Sloane went the other way.
Now Sloane is back and she wants a relationship with her daughter. She says she's changed, but Finley doesn’t trust easily. Is it reluctance about Sloane or worry over losing what she loves the most?

On the Line by Fern Michaels
Mateo Castillo is a rising star chef. Just as he's about to be featured in a cooking competition, Mateo collapses in his restaurant and regains consciousness in an emergency room.
The cause of his sudden illness is mysterious, and worrying, and Mateo and his family undergo genetic tests.
The test results threaten to uncover a secret that exposes his family to dangers in the past while clouding the investigation into who is trying to hurt Mateo in the present.

The House of Wolves by James Patterson and Mike Lupica 
The Wolfs, the most powerful family in California, have a new head: thirty-six-year-old former high school teacher Jenny Wolf. 
That means Jenny now runs the San Francisco Tribune.
She also controls the football team, the Wolves.
And she has a murdered father to avenge--if she can survive the killers all around her.

Remember Me by Tracie Peterson
Haunted by heartbreak and betrayal, Addie Bryant escapes terrible circumstances with the hope she can forever hide her past and the belief she will never have the future she's always dreamed of.
When she's reunited with her lost love, Addie must decide whether to run or face her wounds and embrace her life, her future, and her hope in God.

Loyalty by Lisa Scottoline
Franco Fiorvanti is a lemon grower on the estate of a baron. Franco will do anything to prove his loyalty to the baron, but when the baron asks him to kidnap a boy, Franco changes his life forever.
Gaetano Catalano is a lawyer. He's a member of a secret society that investigate crime. Gaetano sets out to find the boy and punish the kidnapper, but his mission leads him to a darker place than he had imagined.
Meanwhile, Mafalda Pancari is a mother rejoicing at the birth of her daughter when disaster strikes.
Alfredo D'Antonio is under threat of being discovered as a Jew. How the lives of these unforgettable characters collide make an epic tale of good versus evil.

Fields of Bounty by Lauraine Snelling
Lilac Nielsen must learn to balance her new courtship with the reverend and her pursuit of a dream-the publication of her artwork in a New York newspaper. But when a family crisis back in Ohio shakes the Nielsen sisters, can they continue the new life they've begun in Nebraska? And will Lilac be prepared for what God has in store for her future?

Worthy Opponents by Danielle Steel
Spencer Brooke always knew she was destined to be CEO of her grandfather's business- Brooke's. But, her life is different from the days when she walked through the store as a girl. Now she's a single mother of twin boys.
Mike Weston is known for making businesses successful, investing is where he thrives, and Brooke's feels like the perfect opportunity.
Spencer has no interest in investors meddling in her business. But when bad luck strikes, she’s backed into a corner.