North Scott School District History Project

This an N and S interlocking and is the North Scott Schools logo.

The Scott County Library System recently received a state Historical Resource Development Program grant to research, collect, and publish a history of the North Scott Community School District. Local history consultant and retired teacher librarian Nancy Youngbauer will return to manage this project. Youngbauer recently completed a three year position as the project manager for the Scott County Community Memory Project, which resulted in a digital collection containing more than 1,000 items. Over the next year Youngbauer and SCLS will be doing oral history interviews and examining documents and photographs to gather the history of the founding of the district as well as daily life in the decades following – up to the present day. We are so excited to uncover local stories and highlight the many achievements of the district.

If you or someone you know has memorabilia, documents, or photographs please call the library at 563-285-4794 or email [email protected]. We would also love to interview people who worked at or attended North Scott schools.