Purchasing Tidbit August 2022

CR’s Ultimate Heat Survival Guide (highlights)

When Heat Makes you Sick – know the signs of heat-related illness and the steps to take if you experience them. Included below is CDC Link.

Warning Signs and Symptoms of Heat-Related Illness | Natural Disasters and Severe Weather | CDC

Ways to keep cool at home:

Block the sun - close blinds, drapes and shades, especially when the sun is hitting them.

Avoid using dryer or oven during the heat of the day.

Flip on a ceiling, portable or window fan, which stir up breezes that speed sweat evaporation, which will help you feel cooler.  A ceiling fan, for instance can make the temperature feel up to 4 degrees chillier.  Window fans typically pull outside air in and circulate it, so they may be most effective at night.

Window A/C Units: Place window units in north-facing or shaded windows.  A unit pounded by the sun will have to work harder to cool the room.  Keep heat-emitting objects such as computers, TVs, and lamps out of the line of the units airflow. Vacuum window units every couple of weeks, wash the filters with warm water and soap at last every two months, and replace the filters when they are warn. 

Wear loose, light, pale-colored clothing in breathable natural fibers. Seek shade between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. when possible.  If you are sweating through a heat wave, working outside, or exercising in the heat, drink something with electrolytes.  These include sodium and potassium are key to helping you to retain fluids and ward off dehydration while sweating. 

Source: Consumer Reports August 2022

August 1, 2022