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The Scott County Assessor's Office serves all of Scott County except for the City of Davenport. Both County and City Assessors are located on the fifth floor of the Scott County Administrative Center.


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Scott County property assessments increase despite COVID-19 pandemic

In early to mid-2020, it was believed that COVID-19 may have a negative effect on the value of real estate. It turns out it was the opposite. Due to the combination of all-time low interest rates, reduced local inventory, and increased local demand, 2020 real estate sale prices were higher than ever. And, that trend seems to be continuing into 2021. It is the same trend seen in almost all 99 counties in the state.

Due to the increase in real estate sales prices, the majority of Scott County property owners will see an increase in their property assessments this year despite the COVID-19 pandemic. By law [ Click Title for Full Article ]

County Assessor Office Operation: 

Due to COVID-19 concerns, the Scott County Assessor’s Office remains closed to the public, but continues to operate during regular business hours by email and phone only.

Please do not visit the Scott County Admin Center unnecessarily putting yourself and others at risk for services that are already provided online.

Protesting an Assessment:

By Iowa law, property owners can only protest their property assessment in the month of April annually. See dates below to determine protest periods. To [ Click Title for Full Article ]

NEW!     Property Owners - Sign up for Homestead, Military, & BPTC Property Tax Credits Online!

The Scott County Assessor’s Office is pleased to announce that Scott County property owners can sign up for the most common property tax credits online using the Assessor’s website.

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Scott County Assessor, Auditor, Treasurer and Davenport City Assessor records are searchable by name, address or parcel number.