Facility & Support Services

Facility and Support Services (FSS) strives to continually improve and enhance the built environment in the County Campus. Our role is to support those “front-line” agencies and departments that provide direct service and interactions with our ultimate customers, the citizens of our community.

FSS provides a wide variety of services to County departments and County Campus agencies including:

Our Promise:

As an employer, FSS strives to foster a team-oriented workplace with numerous opportunities for all employees to participate in department planning and organizational activities. FSS celebrates success and thrives on learning and constantly improving in all areas. Critical activities and functions within the department are organized around planning teams that direct the work. These teams interact and collaborate to support and enhance the overall goals of the department and the county organization. This collaborative department approach supports and embodies the County PRIDE philosophy for both FSS and each team member.

Facility and Support Services is a dynamic, learning organization that strives for continual improvement.

    Our team members' positive attitudes and individual talents and skills allow us to provide exemplary customer service for "win-win" results.
    Providing innovative solutions that allow Scott County, its departments, and agencies to focus on individual missions and goals.
    A swift response, timely action, and thorough follow through. Our customers deserve nothing less.