Information Technology

Lots of network wires connected to a switch.
Someone picking up the receiver on a telephone.

To provide dependable and efficient data and voice services for County employees by:

  • Informing, educating and empowering employees with technical knowledge
  • Researching, installing, and maintaining innovative computer and telephone solutions
  • Implementing and supporting user friendly software systems

Information Technology is a TEAM with Three Primary Functions:

  • Programming - Develop two and three tiered applications meeting County business requirements.
  • Networking - Develop and administer the voice and data network infrastructure to support the business environment.
  • Web/Citrix - Develop methods of information and application deployment centralized in nature.

Information Technology supports an Open and Collaborative work environment:

  • Intra-team collaboration on projects;
    Members within an I.T. function working together on projects, changing roles and being able to support a varied array of systems/applications.
  • Inter-team cross-functional collaboration;
    Members across IT functional teams working together on projects, changing roles and becoming more rounded in technology skills.
  • Inter-departmental sharing of information and technical resources.
    I.T. facilitates departments working together to share data and technology resources.

Information Technology is a Technical Resource and Liaison for the County:

  • Facilitates outsourcing of hardware service and support where feasible.
  • Advocates/Consults on technology issues for the County with hardware/software vendors, external consultants, and service providers for:
    • Telephones
    • Computers
    • Networking
    • Software
    • Infrastructure
  • Provides technology guidance and support from acquisition to decommission.
  • Tracks and accounts for all hardware and software maintenance and licensing.


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