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Report Retain unlabeled seeds from unknown origins.

Emergency Management Agency of Scott County has received the following information regarding seeds (seeds that you plant in the ground) that are being mailed to residents within the State of Iowa.

These seeds are not labeled and could contain an “invasive plant, seed-borne diseases, or other unknown seed treatments already applied.” Iowa Department of Agriculture & Land Stewardship has been able to confirm that majority appear to be from China, and at least one Uzbekistan.


Deputy Bulman was recognized July 30th at the State Capital for his dedication and his work with processing impaired drivers that were under the influence of drugs in Scott County.

In the last year he performed 51 drugged evaluations which was the most in the State of Iowa out of 127 DRE’s (Drug Recognition Experts) and 14th in the nation (9,878 DRE’s).

Good Job and keep up the good work with keeping our citizens safe.

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Scott County Warrants.

Inmates being let into the jail by correction officers.

Scott County, Iowa Jail inmates in custody currently and within the last seven days.