Purchasing Tidbit November 2021


Maximize storage space and ensure that everything stays fresh for your holiday meals.

Organize Your Fridge

Don’t block fridge air vents. It may freeze some items or run too hot in other areas.

1. Top Shelf

Items that won’t be cooked or heated. Salads, cold appetizers, desserts.

2. Middle Shelf

Covered made-ahead dishes that will need heating up at last minute. Roasted veggies, sweet potatoes, stuffing, etc.

3. Bottom Shelf

Thaw turkey in a pan with high sides to prevent leaks or spills.

Other meats as well on this shelf.

4. Door

Warmest spot in fridge. Less perishable items like cranberry sauce or drinks.

                Source: Consumer Reports

                             November 2021

November 12, 2021