A basketball hoop in the JDC gym.
A stationary weight set and workout equipment.

In 2006, the center’s outdoor recreational area was transformed into a state of the art, climate controlled gymnasium as a result of grants received from the Roy J. Carver Foundation, the Scott County Regional Authority, and the River Boat Development Authority. This 1570 square foot facility is equipped with:

  • Two opposing basketball hoops
  • A Volleyball net
  • Protective flooring/wall mats to prevent injury
  • Individual strength training and cardio exercise equipment
  • A mesh barrier so that residents can work out individually or take part in group games or exercises

Benefits of indoor gymnasium

  • Residents are able to exercise large muscle groups 365 days a year.
  • Residents have the choice between highly competitive games, less strenuous activities and individual exercise.
  • Staff members are able to direct and challenge residents to expand their comfort zones and discover new areas of interest and talent.
  • Residents coming to the Center with varying levels of skill and physical fitness will have a safe, secure area to develop new pass times and perhaps improve self image.
  • Residents with improved self image and self esteem may be less apt to re-offend resulting in long term savings to society and taxpayers.