Rental House Scam!!!

The Scott County Sheriffs Office is posting this informational announcement regarding a scam that has recently been taking place on (Quad Cities) in a posting for a rental house in Davenport. The address of the residence involved is 1933 W. 38th Street and the following is being responded to by people answering to the involved scam ad:
The rent is $650 monthly and security deposit of $1000 for just rent, for rent to own the rent is $650 and down payment of $1000, to view the house drive by and look through the window or go through the back door to view the inside because I have been transferred to Texas for my new job contract and the bunch of keys is here with me in Texas with the intention of sending it to any interested tenant through fed ex. the house cost $102300, 15 years term to own for rent to own applicant only, every payment goes towards the purchase price of the house. tax and insurance already included.
My initial plan was to sell the house and I involved a local Realtor's as soon as I get a good tenant the for sale sign will be removed, the Realtor's was not honest with me due to this reason I have decided to do rent to own. If the Realtor knows that you contacted me the Realtor will include extra- charges which is 50%. I know people will find it difficult to pay, do not let the Realtor know that you have contacted me to avoid extra charges.
My last tenant took advantage of me, he did not send my payment after I shipped the keys, I can also send you certificate of occupancy so you can be sure the house is under my name, you can also call to confirm from the county office so you can be sure the house is under my name ( DUNKER WENDELL H ) , there are lot of bad people on Craigslist, you can go over and view the house through the window and get back to me if you like it so we can discuss about the contract, the house is located at 1933 W 38th St Davenport IA 52806
-This information is being released by the Scott County Sheriffs Office to inform the public of this scam. This scam does not involve the homeowners, realtors or any other local persons that would be located in public records. This is an internet based scam that is currently being investigated and should be avoided.
Please contact the Scott County Sheriffs Office if you have further information regarding this scam at (563) 326-8625
February 24, 2016