Five New Polling Places in Scott County for Primary Election


Release date: June 3, 2016

Contact: Roxanna Moritz, Scott County Auditor 563-370-3915 (cell) or 563-326-8631 (office)

Five New Polling Places in Scott County for Primary Election

  • B23 Paul Norton Elementary – Temporary Change
  • B32 Bettendorf Middle School – Temporary Change
  • B42 Bettendorf High School – Temporary Change
  • D61 St Ambrose – School of Social Work – Temporary Change
  • D72 Faith United Church of Christ – New Location

Two Polling Place Changes Due To Water Damage at Bettendorf Library

For the June 7th Primary Election voters from two Bettendorf precincts will be directed to temporary voting locations due to a burst water pipe at the Bettendorf Library.  Scott County Auditor Roxanna Moritz announced today that the polling places for Precincts B-23 and B-32 will be moved on a temporary basis. 

Voters from Precinct B-23 will vote at Paul Norton School, 4485 Greenbrier Drive, in Bettendorf.

Voters from Precinct B-32 will vote at Bettendorf Middle School, 2030 Middle Road, in Bettendorf.

“Parts of the library will be open to the public, but other areas will be closed for repairs.  Unfortunately, the areas where we set up for voting will be closed so we needed to find new locations on short notice,” Moritz said.

“Once we finalized the temporary polling places with the Bettendorf School District we sent out post cards to announce the change to 486 active voters in B-23 and 2,291 active voters in B-32,” Moritz said.  “We have contacted the City of Bettendorf to update voting information posted by the City, and we will post signs at the Library announcing the temporary change in locations.”

In addition, voters from one other Bettendorf precinct and two Davenport precincts will cast ballots in new locations.

Voters from Bettendorf Precinct B-42 will vote at Bettendorf High School, 3333 18th Street, Bettendorf, instead of St. John Vianney Church.  This is a temporary change due to a scheduling conflict with the church.

Voters from Davenport Precinct D-61 will vote at the St. Ambrose School of Social Work, 1950 East 54th Street, Davenport, instead of Harvest Bible Chapel.  This is a temporary change due to a scheduling conflict with the church.

Finally, voters from Davenport Precinct D-72 will vote at Faith United Church of Christ, 1630 West 38th Street, Davenport, in place of Trinity School.  This is a permanent change at the request of the school.

“My office mailed post cards to announce the changes to the voters in these three precincts and we will post signs at the old voting locations to let voters know about the changes,” Moritz said.

“Voters can check on their registration status at the Scott County website, including their precinct, and then check on their polling place at the same time,” Moritz said.  “Of course anyone with questions or other concerns can call the Auditor’s Office at 563-326-8631.”

June 3, 2016