My Vote Counts Scott County

Three voters posing for a selfie in front of the my vote counts poster.

Do you want to show the world that you are a voter?  Maybe express your pride in voting?  Do you think the “I Voted” sticker a bit old fashioned?   

Then we have the solution for you.

After you vote take a selfie with our new “My Vote Counts” poster as your background.  It’s the new, digital, “I Voted” sticker.  It is perfect for sharing with your friends and family on social media.

You can also like and share it on our Facebook page “My Vote Counts Scott County.” 

We have them available at all of our early voting sites, and they will be available at most polling locations on Election Day.

Show the world that you’re a voter and encourage other people to become voters too.  Take a selfie with our “My Vote Counts” poster and share it.

October 20, 2016