Appraisal Project in Bettendorf Wrapping Up

The Scott County Assessor’s Office is wrapping up the Bettendorf residential property revaluation project, which started in early 2015.

Appraisers are still, and will remain in the field through the end of the year, canvasing the City of Bettendorf doing final property inspections, data accuracy checks, and verifying residential property sales. The new data will be analyzed and used to determine residential property values in Bettendorf for 2017 and property owners will be notified of the new assessments by mail in the spring.

The goal of the County Assessor’s Office is always to determine current, accurate, fair, and equitable property values. Revaluation projects, and mainly property inspections, assist the Assessor’s office to determine current condition and quality of properties and buildings which ultimately is used to determine fair and equitable assessed values for property owners. The more interior inspections that are done, the more accurate the Assessor’s data, which ultimately results in more accurate property values. 

Any Bettendorf residents that feel they were missed but wish to request a brief interior property inspection by appraisal staff, please contact the Scott County Assessor’s Office immediately (before January 1, 2017) to schedule an appointment at 563-326-8635. 

 For appraisal information and staff photos please check the link on the Scott County Assessor’s website –

December 1, 2016