Caffery promoted to Lieutenant

On Monday, February 6th, Sergeant Joe Caffery was promoted by Sheriff Lane to the rank of Lieutenant.  Lieutenant Caffery has been assigned to 2nd and 3rd shift patrol.     

Biography -

Joe Caffery grew up in Eldridge, Iowa and later moved to Davenport, where he graduated from West High School. Mr. Caffery attended Scott Community College where he majored in Criminal Justice. Joe started his career in law enforcement in 2001 with the Aledo Police Department and attended the University of Illinois Police Training Institute and graduated as a certified peace officer in the State of Illinois. In 2002 Joe was hired as a deputy sheriff by the Rock Island County Sheriff’s Office. Joe worked in patrol, was a member of the Emergency Service Team (SWAT), Honor Guard and was a Field Training Officer (FTO). In 2003 Joe was transferred to the Quad City Metropolitan Enforcement Group (QCMEG) through the Illinois State Police where he worked as a narcotics officer for two years. In 2004 Mr. Caffery was promoted as supervisor of the Covert Drug Unit and finished out his tour until 2005. In August 2005, Joe was hired by the Scott County Sheriff’s Office and graduated from the State of Iowa Law Enforcement Academy. Mr. Caffery was assigned to serve a second tour with the Quad City Metropolitan Enforcement Group (QCMEG) as a Supervisor of Covert / Overt Operations.

In October 2008 Joe formed the Scott County Sheriff’s Office Special Operations Unit focusing on narcotics investigations in Scott County. December 2014, Joe was promoted to the rank of sergeant and serves as the sergeant of the Special Operations Unit in charge of officers assigned to the QCMEG and Federal Gang Task Force.

Joe has served as a certified instructor for the Illinois Drug Enforcement Officers Association, teaching Covert Unit Operations and Hotel Motel Encounters, Instructor for Advance Tactical Vehicle Assaults, Residential / Commercial Building Assaults and High Risk Event Planning Coordinator.  Joe is an Instructor for State of Iowa Police Academy Drug Awareness and Recognition training, Certified Specialty Impact Munitions Instructor, Chemical Munitions Instructor, Oleoresin Capsicum Instructor, Distraction Device Instructor, Edge Weapons Instructor and certified sniper. Joe is also a Certified Instructor for Desert Snow Criminal and Terrorist Interdiction Training where he travels around the country training front line supervisors and officers.

Joe has received training in Interview and Interrogation, Tactical Drug Law Enforcement, Ethics and Leadership, Tactical Warrant Service, Tactical Two Gun High Risk Operations, Sniper School, Clandestine Laboratories, Undercover Techniques and Survival, Street Cop Ethics, First Line Supervision, Legal Aspects and Procedures, DEA Advance Narcotics, Risk Management, Critical Decision Making, Operational Analysis and Mitigation for Police Special Operations Unit.    

Joe currently resides in Scott County with his wife Amy and their five children, Mollie, Megan, Dustin, Hannah and Breanna.

February 6, 2017