Jail Unsung Hero Award


Our Scott County Jail Unsung Hero Award has been awarded to Correction Officer Niki Gimm for her positive work ethic and development as a leader.

Officer Gimm was hired in the midst of the pandemic of April 2021. She immediately became recognized as one who adapted to changes during training and had the desire to succeed through each daily challenge she faced.

Officer Gimm often volunteers for posts with our most difficult and disruptive populations. On January 18th, 2022 Officer Gimm was involved in a critical incident. Officer Gimm was able to respond quickly using defensive skills and was able to control the inmate to avoid serious injury to herself and other officers until further assistance arrived. Officer Gimm returned to this unit without hesitation, completing her shift like this was just another day. While this was not simply just another routine day, Officer Gimm has the ability to remain firm and consistent, yet empathetic treating each inmate and fellow officer with respect and dignity. She has the ability to keep a level head and push through times of stress while reassuring those around her to keep a positive outlook.

Officer Gimm volunteers to pick up extra hours through each week, bringing her strengths of self-awareness and professionalism with her. With under a year of experience, Officer Gimm is setting the path for new officers by becoming a Field Training Officer this month and has shown the desire to develop more skills to further assist the team. 

Officer Gimm is awarded as the Scott County Jail Unsung Hero for the 1st Quarter of 2022.

February 14, 2022