Landline Telephone Outage May Impact Contacting 911

May 31, 2024

Update # 2:

At approximately 01:00 am, most landline services across Iowa were restored, including all 911 services.  Locally, Scott Emergency Communications Center, Emergency Management, and most partners have restored landline service. 

Scott Emergency Communications Center and Emergency Management have been informed that final steps of the repairs are being made. However, at this time, some residents or businesses may still be experiencing an outage.  Local service providers will have the most accurate updates, so residents and businesses should contact their service providers if issues persist. 

This will be the final media update on the outage unless additional equipment failures or an increase in landline service outages take place.

Please do NOT call 911 to test your landline; if your landline equipment will dial out, you will reach a 911 service provider.  

May 30, 2024

Update # 1:

Scott Emergency Communications Center is asking residents NOT to call 911 from their cell phones to check for service. 

Dispatchers are currently receiving a LARGE number of 911 calls from residents who are simply checking to see if their cell phone can reach 911.  Test calls, in large volumes, may delay dispatchers from helping a resident who is calling 911 with an emergency need. 

There have been no problems receiving 911 calls from cell phones.  The problem is with landlines. 

Landline Telephone Outage May Impact Contacting 911

This morning Scott Emergency Communications Center (SECC) and Scott County Emergency Management Agency (EMA), were made aware of an outage that is potentially affecting the usage of landline phones across the state of Iowa. This includes the ability to call 911. Iowa Homeland Security and Emergency Management has informed SECC and EMA, that crews are on site trying to repair the problem. At this time, there is not an estimated time for that repair.

SECC recommends Scott County residents identify possible alternative methods for calling 911, such as a wireless device (cell phone). As a reminder, cell phones do NOT have to be connected to an active plan or carrier’s system to dial 911.

Projected Timeline to Repair:

Per our partners with Iowa Homeland Security Emergency Management Agency, there is no estimated timeline for repair.
SECC will send updated information once it is received.

For media inquiries, please contact:
Brian Payne (information above)
Tracey Screechfield
Scott Emergency Communications Center
Interim Director
[email protected]

May 30, 2024