Operation "Methed Up"

One Pot Meth Lab

The Scott County Sheriff’s Office Special Operations Unit has been involved in an ongoing methamphetamine investigation since summer of 2015 which has netted 46 arrests to date. The investigation started in August, 2015 with a tip involving illegal methamphetamine manufacture and use in the Lake Side Mobile Home Park which is located off of Highway 61 West of Davenport. As the investigation unfolded, multiple locations were determined to have been used to manufacture the drug by using the “one pot” method and multiple individuals were determined to be involved in a conspiracy to obtain the precursors necessary.

The “one pot” method of manufacturing methamphetamine is a dangerously unstable method of manufacturing the drug using pseudoephedrine and flammable chemicals which are sold over the counter.

The Scott County Sheriff’s Office Special Operations unit consists of two Sheriff’s Office investigators and was formed in 2008 by Sheriff Conard. The purpose of the unit is to counter the problem of illegal drug use within the county. In addition to “Operation Methed Up” the unit is responsible for numerous arrests each year for various illegal drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, and illegal prescription drug possession.

Citizens are encouraged to report information of illegal drug use to the Sheriff’s Office through their facebook page or through Crime Stoppers. http://www.qccrimestoppers.com/

February 10, 2016