Public Notification

Ben Sanders, aka Todd Brown, aka Sandman Sanders, is a convicted sex offender. He is required to register as a sex offender in Iowa. On February 29th he will move to 530 Ripley Street, apartment 4. Ben Sanders has been classified as a Tier III offender. He is required to report quarterly to the Scott County Sheriff’s Office. Due to his victims being adults he has no residency restrictions.

Ben sanders was convicted in Scott County in 1966 for Rape. His victim was an adult female. This was Iowa statute 698.1

Ben Sanders was convicted again in 1987 in Scott County. This conviction was a Sexual Abuse 2nd Degree, Iowa stature 709.3. This victim was also an adult female.

In 2011 Ben Sanders was court committed as a sexually violent predator. He was placed in the Custody of the Department of Human Services at Cherokee, Iowa. Ben Sanders has now completed all phases of treatment and has had his final evaluation. During a hearing in Scott County District Court his release plan was approved.

No action should be taken against Ben Sanders by the general public. However, any suspicious activity by him should be reported to your local law enforcement agency.

More information on Ben Sanders and other registered sex offenders can be obtained from the Iowa Sex Offender Registry web site at

February 29, 2016