Sheriff's Office Assigned Vehicle Program

The Scott County Sheriff's Office would like to clarify some information in regards to the Assigned Vehicle Program for the Scott County Sheriff's Office.

Previously it had been proposed to eliminate assigned vehicles from all county agencies/offices. We believe we have arrived at a solution with the County Board of Supervisors which will maintain the Assigned Vehicle Program for the Sheriff's Office.

Yesterday there was a Special Committee of the Whole Board of Supervisors meeting in which a new County Policy was brought forward by the County Administrator governing Use of County Vehicles. The policy establishes criteria for allowing 24 hour use of a county owned vehicles which we believe the Sheriff's Office will be able to meet and in turn will allow for our continued use of an Assigned Vehicle Program. The policy will be discussed next Committee of the Whole meeting on Tuesday March 22nd, 2016 pending final approval on March 24th, 2016.

We would like to thank everyone for their support during this process.

March 16, 2016