Public Health Month

National Public Health Week - - An Initiative of the American Public Health Association

Public Health Protects! 

Learn how the clinical services and environmental health teams work to protect children from lead poisoning in Scott County.

(April 25, 2016)


Public Health Protects by providing vaccines to infants, young children, preteens, and teens! 

Pregnant women need vaccines too.  Expectant mothers and other caregivers with Whooping Cough can pass it on to newborns.  Protect your baby from Whooping Cough starting with her first breath. Ask your doctor or midwife about getting the vaccine during your 3rd trimester.  

Outbreaks happen across the U.S.  – are you protected?  Get vaccinated!

(April 18, 2016)


Public Health strengthens, supports and connects! 

Learn how…

  • Public Health Strengthens Blue Grass Park Policies by assisting in the approval of tobacco and nicotine free policy at city parks!

  • Learn more about going tobacco-free here:

  • Public Health Supports the Food Rescue Partnership, a community-focused coalition committed to feeding people, not landfills! #NPHW

Public Health Connects Seniors with Oral Care through I-Smile™ Silver! #NPHW

(April 11, 2016)


April is Public Health Month!

The Health Department is kicking off the 2016 celebration during National Public Health Week, April 4th through April 10th. This year’s campaign, Public Health Works, is designed to highlight recent policy and environmental successes being accomplished throughout Scott County to prevent disease, protect against injury, and promote healthy behaviors.

Each week throughout April, the Scott County Health Department will feature a different public health service area. We encourage the community to like us on Facebook to see public health in action!

(April 1, 2016)


April 1, 2016