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 Media Release

Crime Trends of Stolen Vehicles

“Lock It Up” – Initiative

April 7, 2017

On behalf of Quad City law enforcement leaders from: Davenport Police Department, Bettendorf Police Department, Scott County Sheriff’s Department, Rock Island Police Department, Moline Police Department and the Rock Island County Sheriff’s Department thank you for joining us as we launch a new initiative to curb the escalating number of stolen vehicles in the Quad City region.

Starting in 2016 the Quad Cities region began experiencing a spike in stolen vehicles. In 2016 and the first quarter of 2017 our Quad Cities have experienced approximately 750 stolen vehicles. In Davenport alone, we have experienced an 81% increase in stolen vehicles comparing the first quarter of calendar year 2016 to the same time period of 2017. Most of our Quad City communities have experienced similar trends.

It is important to understand that the deprivation of someone’s personal property is not the only issue. We come together as a collaborative Quad Cities law enforcement team to make you aware of these issues, and ask for the assistance from the public. What is happening with the stolen cars once they are taken, in many cases, is more concerning than the initial theft. Tragedy is staring us in the face!

Your Quad Cities law enforcement community is working together in a collaborative effort of sharing information, strategies and resources to combat this growing issue. Our team is bigger than what you see before you today. Law enforcement is working together with the Scott County Attorney’s Office, Rock Island States Attorney’s Office and Juvenile Court Services on both sides of the river to collaborate on identification of suspects, prosecution and prevention.

Today, we want to focus on educating our communities on this crime trend and calling to action assistance from our community in prevention. Prevention is a key factor in slowing the growth of this crime trend.

Some common themes that our collaborative group has found related to this crime trend are:

1.Most stolen vehicles have been an easy target such as a car running unattended; or a car with unlocked doors with keys in it.

2. Vehicle thefts are occurring throughout our communities; in ALL neighborhoods, convenient stores, gas stations, etc.

3. The most prevalent age group for the suspects of stolen vehicles is 12-18 years of age. The youngest was 11.

4. Once having possession of a stolen vehicle suspects are: driving recklessly endangering our communities, committing thefts, committing burglaries, involved in shootings, committing hit and run crashes, fleeing from police and much more.

5. Once recovered by law enforcement most stolen vehicles are found to have damage; some with severe damage.

Your Quad Cities community law enforcement leaders are asking our media partners and our community for help. Together we can make a difference. Please spread the word and “Lock It UP”!

April 7, 2017