Sheriff’s Office Bicycle Restoration Program

Police officers with a girl on a bike.

On today’s date, 06/08/2017 at approximately 0804 hours Davenport Police Department was dispatched to the 3700 block of Brady Street for a reported accident involving a pedestrian on a bicycle vs car. Victim, Kristel Kruuser 21 YOA was treated and released for minor injuries.

As a result of this accident Ms. Kuuser’e bicycle was totaled. Ms. Kruuser is an exchange student working in the Quad Cities and her only means of transportation was her bicycle. The Sheriff’s Office was contacted by Davenport Police Officers, Epigmanio Canas, Lori Walker, and Leslie DeLaere who were on scene. Officer Canas inquired about the Scott County Sheriff’s Office bicycle restoration program, which provides hands on vocational instruction on the basics of bicycle repair including maintenance. All Using donated and discarded bicycles, inmates are provided classroom and workshop instruction that allows them to clean, repair and restore bicycles in order that are returned to the community.

Through the Scott County Jail bicycle restoration program the Scott County Sheriff’s Office was able to donate a restored bicycle to Ms. Kruuser.  This is just an example of the benefits provided by inmate programs where they are able to give back to the community. The Sheriff’s Office commend the actions of Davenport Officers Canas, Walker, and DeLaere and there immediate actions to assist Ms. Kruuser.

We have attached a photo of the bicycle being presented to her, which is a great sign of compassion and service to our community.

June 9, 2017