Unsung Hero Award


The Sheriff’s Office Unsung Hero Award has been awarded to Officer Norin.

Officer Norin began her career at the Scott County Jail on October 09th 2017 she has proven to be an esteemed employee. Officer Norin works diligently as the direct supervisor in all housing units, she displays ownership in the units while managing the inmates successfully through poise and professionalism.

During her two years of employment Officer Norin has worked hard to become proficient in specific posts such as Booking, Booking Release and ID positions.

Her self-motivating work ethics has prepared her for any task assigned to her throughout the jail. Officer Norin has taken the appropriate steps to retain knowledge in every position in the jail to become a Field Training Officer.

Officer Norin has exhibited commendable leadership skills not only as an FTO but as a Correctional Officer. She is very systematic when operating a unit and training new staff, Officer Norin provides descriptive documentation of her 12 hours shifts and COT performances. Officer Norin is prepared and prompt with all paperwork, never has to be reminded to complete her responsibilities. She accepts feedback to improve her leadership skills and adheres to the direct supervision method, continuously polite with a respectable disposition. She maintains good attendance and schedules PTO days well in advance not to disrupt her field training days.

Officer Norin has proven to be an admirable addition to Scott County Jail, we are excited to recognize her for the “Unsung Hero” award and appreciate her exceptional service to our community.

April 17, 2020