Jail Unsung Hero Award


Scott County Jail Unsung Hero Award

The Unsung Hero citation was created to recognize exceptional performance by staff who step up and go above and beyond in their duties for the jail. This quarter’s recipient, Officer Luchner, has shown the determination and versatility to become cross-trained in all available posts on her shift and fills in routinely when necessary. Additionally, she has sought out specialized positions such as prisoner transport and FTO while taking on an active role with each.

Officer Luchner has been an instrumental team player as a Correctional Officer for 3 plus years, her effective supervision and determination while managing inmate behaviors is what brings us here today.  Officer Luchner’s systematic documentation of her daily responsibilities makes it very clear for the next Officer to pick up right where she left off ensuring consistency is maintained. Officer Luchner portrays her professionalism by treating all inmates with dignity and respect. Working behind these walls is not stress-free nor is it ordinary, Officer Luchner maintains a level head when confronted with difficult and stressful situations making sure her co-workers and inmates are safe.

Additionally, Officer Luchner exhibits exceptional attendance, prepared to assist with critical events within the jail and avoids complacency. This leads us to her exceptional ability to train new Correctional Officers within our facility, during a very trying time while operating below minimum staff due to pandemic reasons. Officer Luchner stepped up to train new Correctional Officers day in and day out to complete the 10 week training schedule. She accomplished this with a very positive attitude and persisted to provide quality training.

As a final point, we wanted you to know it’s your dedication that contributes to our daily success, we also would like to mention the inspiration you bring to those around you is noticed and appreciated.


Congratulations Officer Luchner, as you have earned this quarters Unsung Hero!   

May 3, 2021