Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable is a function of the Scott County Auditor's Office.

Processing Warrants (Payable Check):

  • The Auditor's Office receives authorizations for payment from county departments or other government agencies.
  • Authorizations are processed to insure they comply with state and federal law, as well as county policy.
  • Warrants (the legal term for what are commonly known as checks) are prepared for Board approval on a bi-weekly basis pursuant to Iowa Code Section 331.506.
  • Reports are posted online every other week and are listed by department and by vendor. [ County Checkbook ]

Processing Purchasing Cards:

  • Expenditures by purchase card (a type of credit card) are made pursuant to County General Policy Number 26.
  • A purchase card expenditure report is prepared for Board approval monthly.
  • Reports are posted online monthly and are listed by department and by vendor [ County Checkbook ]
  • The Treasurer's Office wires funds to the purchasing card issuing bank after Board approval.

Accounts Payable services are provided for:

  • All Scott County Offices and Departments
  • Scott County Assessor
  • Scott County Library
  • Scott Emergency Communications Center
  • Some Department of Human Services
  • Davenport City Assessor