Liquor Licenses

Licensing a business to sell and serve alcoholic beverages is a privilege allowed under Iowa law (Ch. 123, Code of Iowa).

Businesses located outside corporate city limits in Scott County, Iowa seeking this privilege should make application through the Auditor's Office who, in turn, will present the application to local authorities (Health Department, Planning and Development, Sheriff's Office, Attorney's Office, and Board of Supervisors) for review and approval prior to forwarding the application to the Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division of the State of Iowa.

Below is a list of licensed businesses allowed to sell and serve alcoholic beverages in unincorporated Scott County. Updated May 2021.

Location Name Address Phone Contact Name License Number Renewal Date
Argo General Store 21920 240th Av
LeClaire IA 52753
563-289-5214 Jack Wilson BB0034430 5/23
Big 10 Mart #29 21010 N Brady St
Davenport, IA 52804
563-391-9880 Jacque Hager BC0030716 2/12
Casey's General Store #1068 11200 140th St Place
Davenport, IA 52804
563-381-3721 Penny Patrick BC0012034 4/22
Casey's General Store #3523

26701 Scott Park Road
Eldridge, IA 52748

563-285-5568 Penny Patrick LE0002820 11/6
Davenport Country Club 25500 Valley Dr
Pleasant Valley, IA 52767
563-332-4050 Pat Jens LC0038297 3/31
Dixon Memorial Park 5520 298th St
Dixon, IA 52745
563-843-2024 Maria Jacobsen **new app each time 11/24
EL Compita Mexican Bar & Grill

14010 112th Ave
Davenport, IA 52804

319-339-4200 Richard Arthur LC0046663 10/5
Express Lane Gas & Food Mart #79 17948 Great River Rd
Pleasant Valley, IA 52767
563-332-0854 Kathy Peugh BC0030235 1/29
Glynn's Creek Golf Course 19251 290th St
Long Grove, IA 52756
563-328-3284 Scott County Conservation LC0036039 3/30
Kwik Shop #589 1 Grove Rd
Eldridge, IA 52748
508-270-4401 Gwen Bach LE0002092 2/13
Lady Di's Parkview Inn 18109 270th St
Eldridge, IA 52748
563-285-6770 Diana Kelley LC0029556 10/17
Locust Mart 11423 160th St
Davenport, IA 52804
563-639-4418 Sandip Kandel BC0030149 1/14
Mickeys country cafe 24487 Valley Dr
Pleasant Valley, IA 52767
563-359-5634 Marchelle Kosgard LC0038688 8/7
No Place Special 20996 N Brady St
Davenport, IA 52804
563-388-0038 Jeff Marshall LC0032021 6/24
Olathea Creek Vineyard & Winery 23456 Great River Road
LeClaire, IA 52753
563-726-1892 Julia Flaherty WCN000277 5/1
Perfect Value Liquor Mart 5B Lincoln Av
Eldridge, IA 52748
563-676-8127 Rajesh Kumar LE0001909 6/23
Pride of the Wapsi
14600 305th Street
Long Grove, IA 52756
563-285-8180 Lora Dierickx WBN001136 1/12
Slaby's Bar and Grill 6020 New Liberty Rd
Walcott, IA 52773
563-843-3443 Kirk Koberg LC0039511 9/23
Valley Inn 127 W Valley Dr
Pleasant Valley, IA 52767
563-940-7901 Curtis Blaum LC0035663 9/6


For more information

  • Establishments inside city limits, please contact the respective city hall
  • Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division of the State of Iowa.