Frequently Asked Questions for 2020 General Election

What is the earliest day I can request an absentee ballot?

Iowa law allows a registered voter to request an absentee ballot 120 days prior to that election. This year that date was July 5, 2020 for the 2020 Presidential General Election.


When can I expect to receive my ballot if I requested one by mail?

The Auditor's Office will begin mailing ballots out for the 2020 Election on October 5th which meets the Iowa Code that says a ballot cannot be mailed out sooner than 29 days before the election.


What is the first day I can early vote in person or at your office?

October 5, 2020 for the 2020 Presidential General Election.


What is my pin number?

In Iowa if you do not have a photo State ID or Iowa Drivers License, the Secretary of State assigns you a pin number for verification that you are who you say you are. If you have a Driver’s License there is no need to put your pin. On the absentee request, it asks for one or the other.


Did you receive my absentee request?

You can go to this website and track your voting process from the absentee to the day your ballot was mailed as well as the day your ballot was received.


I received several request forms should I mail another one in?

No, if you have already mailed one that is all we need.  We cannot control how or who mails these out and quite possibly, you will be receiving several more.


How can my college student receive a request form to vote?

Go to our website and fill out a request and mail back into us, (if you are claiming Scott County as your address)


How do I deliver my ballot, what are my options?

  • Mail your ballot it is postage paid, the sooner the better
  • Take it to your voting poll on Election Day surrender it and receive another ballot to vote.
  • Deliver it to the Auditor's Office located at: 600 West Fourth Street Davenport up to Election Day at 9:00 PM
  • We will be located on the first floor with an early voting location and you can drop it off to us there.


Will there be early voting locations?

We will make a decision on September 15 about Satellite voting.

September 1, 2020