Voter Registration Made “Inactive”


Release date: March 27, 2023

Contact: Kerri Tompkins, Scott County Auditor

MEDIA RELEASE: Voter Registration Made “Inactive”

Davenport – Scott County Auditor Kerri Tompkins wants voters to know a statewide mailing will be released this week to keep the voter registration list updated.

If you did not vote in the last general election, and have not reported a change of address, name or party affiliation, state law requires this notice be sent and for your voter registration be made “inactive.” To stay active, simply return the notice (follow the directions) with paid postage and you will be made “active.” If you get a card at your address, but it is not you, simply disregard the mailing.

“No Activity Notice postcards are a great tool to assist us in maintaining our voter registration list and is required by Iowa Code 48A.28,” she said.

March 27, 2023