General Assistance Program

General Assistance

Community Services department provides programs which assist Scott County residents in situations meeting basic needs.

To be eligible for assistance you must:

  1. Be an adult resident of Scott County, Iowa.
  2. Meet certain income and resource guidelines.
  3. Apply for any other benefits available.
  4. Have emergency basic needs that cannot be met by any other means.

Assistance with meeting basic needs such as:

  1. Rental Assistance
  2. Food
  3. Utilities
  4. Cremation
  5. Medical & Dental
  6. Special Needs

General Assistance Guidelines:

General assistance is available through the Community Services Department to families and individuals who are poor or in need, when such persons are not supported by their own means, relatives, or other public or private resources, in accordance with the policies specified herein.

General assistance shall be administered promptly, humanely and equitably so as to assist in providing decent and healthful living to poor and needy persons within the scope of monies appropriated.

The General Assistance Program shall:

  • Provide aid to meet the needs of persons who are poor as defined in Iowa Code 252.1 ("individuals who have no property, exempt or otherwise, and are unable, because of physical or mental disabilities, to earn a living by labor").
  • Provide aid to meet the needs of persons who are not currently eligible for any federal/state public assistance and who meet the eligibility standards specified, and
  • Meet the needs of eligible persons in emergency situations.

Guidelines Document:

Find information about the General Assistance program attached below.