GIS Data

Scott County creates and maintains a variety of GIS data in both ESRI file geodatabase and shape file formats.  Residents, businesses and other entities who would like to access Scott County GIS data in these standard formats can download them via the Iowa GIS Data Repository (IAGISDR) found here:

The IAGISDR is a data portal maintained by the Iowa County Information Technology group (ICIT), a non-profit organization committed to the exchange of ideas, information, and technology as they relate to county government activities and statewide legislation. The IAGISDR contains GIS data for several Iowa counties and cities.  Access requires that you register with a username and password, but once you are signed up, access to Scott County GIS data is free.  Note that only vector data is uploaded to the repository due to file size limitations.  

Data not available on the IAGISDR such as aerial tiles, and other miscellaneous files can be downloaded below. Please note that some files may be large and take some time to transfer.

Public Land Survey System (PLSS) corner certificates and GPS Control Network:

Scott County maintains PLSS section corner certificates and approximately 100 survey grade GPS control monuments throughout Scott County.  PLSS data is maintained in GIS and updated quarterly.  Data is accessible via an online web application (see link below).  Contents include locations of GPS monuments with coordinate information, PLSS corners with links to scanned certificates, and older "tie-sheets" once maintained by the Secondary Roads department.  


GIS Data & Maps