Geographic Information System (GIS)

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What Is A Geographic Information System (GIS)?

A Geographic Information System (GIS) is a computer system that stores, manages, analyzes, and displays data related to positions on Earth’s surface.  Much of the data that Scott County maintains across its various departments and offices is organized and accessed using GIS technology.  GIS  helps us visualize data, identify patterns, assess risks, improve efficiency, and engage with citizens.

How We Started:

In 2003, the Scott County Board of Supervisors, the County Administrator, and the GIS Steering Committee with the support of various departments, determined that the County needed a coordinated effort to build a countywide, enterprise Geographic Information System (GIS). In following with the County’s vision, the GIS Division has grown from an idea, into a tool used by many departments within the county.

What We Do:

Through several different software solutions, we are able to provide an evolving enterprise wide GIS system. Using Desktop, Server (web), and Mobile (GPS field data collection) GIS software, we build and maintain data, applications and work flows that support our citizens and county business practices.

Our Capabilities:

Scott County’s entire GIS is run on a suite of software from ESRI, the leader in GIS technology. 

Our Team:

The GIS team at Scott County is comprised of two full time GIS staff members: a GIS Manager and a GIS Analyst. Our Parcel Maintenance Data Technician is based out of the Auditor’s office, but also contributes significantly to the County’s overall GIS goals.

As a part of the Information Technology Department, the GIS team is fully assisted by a team of programmers, network specialists, web developer, and support staff. This vast array of knowledge helps in the County’s ability to provide GIS data to its users in fast, effective, and easy to understand methods.