Adopt a Road cleanup volunteer in the ditch along the road.
Cleanup volunteer in the ditch along the road.
Group of volunteers along the side of the road.
A few volunteers cleaning up along the roadway.

The Scott County Adopt-A-Road Program is funded by the Scott County Board of Supervisors in cooperation with the Scott Area Solid Waste Management Commission. It is a bi-annual event, with the spring cleanup starting the month of April and the fall cleanup starting the month of August.

Since the onset off the program in 1994, the size of the cleanup force has nearly tripled growing from eight groups cleaning approximately 16 miles of prime Scott County roadways to the numerous groups below cleaning approximately 46 miles of roadway.

We'd like to acknowledge and thank the following groups:

  • American Legion Riders – Post 154
  • Annika Krambeck
  • Boy Scout Troop 203
  • Brockmann Family
  • Burt & Marilyn Gearhart & the Cournayer Family
  • Calvary Lutheran Church
  • Cub Scouts Pack 88
  • Eldridge Lions Club
  • Engelbrecht Farms & Families
  • Gottschalk Service Company
  • Handicapped Development Center - Prevoc Room
  • Hobwey Farm
  • Illinois Casualty Company
  • In Memory of Freddie & Oleta Davis
  • In Memory of Joan Reed
  • In Memory of Julie Swarts
  • In Memory of Marianne Becci
  • In Memory of SSG. Nathan Cox KIA – 2008
  • Iowa 80 Truckstop
  • Lake Huntington Home Association
  • LeClaire 4-H Groups
  • Liberty 4-H Club
  • Lincoln Electric Automation
  • McCausland Labor Day Committee & Fire Department
  • Park View Women's Club
  • QC Elite FIRST Robotics Team #648
  • Quad Cities Bicycle Club
  • Quad Cities Women's Outdoor Club
  • Quad City Bank & Trust Company
  • Scott Community College TRIO SSS
  • Scott County Sheriff's Reserves
  • Small Frye Organic Farms
  • The David Engler Family
  • The Lin Family
  • The Families of Tom & Dona Cawiezell
  • The Sanders Family
  • The Santee Family-In Memory of Gene Santee
  • The Singh Family
  • Travis & Lynnette Schaeffer
  • Walcott Trust & Savings Bank
  • Waste Commission of Scott County